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Talleyville Girls Softball League


TGSL Covid-19 Guidelines for Spring 2021 Season


  • Masks are mandatory at ALL times for EVERYONE at the Old Mill Fields, Brandywood and any of the Brandywine School Districts fields. This includes the players and coaches on and off the field.  Because 6 ft can’t always be achieved during outside sporting events and the difficulty in monitoring who is part of a household, wearing masks is non-negotiable. 

  • Masks can be taken off ONLY if someone is eating and/drinking.  They MUST be seated and not walking around during that time.




  • Do NOT use dugouts during practices.  Players should place their equipment and bags along the fences maintaining a 6 ft distance between each other. 

  • Dugouts may be used during games. Players must remain 6 ft apart. Benches will be marked with “X’s”. Maximum of 4 people allowed in dugout at one time (any combination of players and coaches). Remaining players will be required to use the space behind the dugout or next to the dugout down the fence line. It is strongly recommended that each player bring their own lawn chair to establish their area for themselves and their personal equipment. We will be designating areas to be used solely by the players.

  • Once players are at their game/practice we ask that they stay in their designated areas and refrain from running back and forth to spectators/families between innings and/or drills.


  • We would like to discourage the sharing of batting helmets, bats and gloves unless it is an unforeseen situation.

  • If equipment must be shared (i.e., catchers equipment) there will be disinfectant wipes and Microban in each team’s equipment bag by 3/20/2021.

  • Any shared equipment such as a catcher’s mask should be sprayed with Microban prior to each practice/game and cleaned with disinfecting wipes between players. Shared equipment should also be sprayed at the conclusion of games and practices. Microban is a 24-hour disinfectant that the state highly encourages all organizations to use.

  • Please wipe the balls down before and after each practice.

Temperature Checks

  • We are required by the county to track temperature readings for all players, coaches, team parents.

  • Thermometers will be given to each team by 3/20/2021.  Once all teams have their thermometers we are asking either a coach/team parent to take the temperatures of all players/coaches.

  • Each team has their own tab. 

  • Please add coach’s names and team parent to the list

FIRST WEEK ONLY: For this first week and if practicing at an outside field (other than our complex), coaches may request parents to take temps before leaving home and communicate the readings to whomever is logging the temperatures for that day.  Until our order of thermometers arrives, if a parent or coach has a thermometer, please bring them to the first practice.  We should have our own thermometers and be in compliance by the 2nd practice on 3/20/2021.  Thermometers will be available for teams practicing this first week at our complex.  


 Google docs Links for Each Division


Action Plan

  • If a player/coach/team parent has a temperature that is 100.1 degrees or higher, please do not panic or embarrass the individual.  If it is a player please contact the parent in a professional way letting them know the temperature reading.  We would ask that the individual be directed to leave and contact the leagues Safety and Hygiene Manager, which is Audra Powell, 267-278-0573 immediately.  Audra will follow the states protocol and communicate further instructions/guidelines to the specific family as well as to anyone else deemed appropriate.



  • Practices – 1 person per player at practices

  • Games – there is no set max limit for spectators.  Due to our space and being outside, the county felt we would be able to space out people appropriately.  Wearing masks at all times allows us more discretion with the number of spectators.

  • Spectators will not be permitted to sit directly behind the back stops and dugouts.  We will have areas marked off in order for players to have their own area while maintaining the required distancing. 

  • On Fields 2, 3, and 4 spectators are encouraged to sit further down the baselines away from the players.

  • Field 1 spectators can sit on the hill behind the dugout and back stop on the 3rd base line.  On the first base side spectators are encouraged to sit past the dugout closer to the batting cages. 

  • We have bleachers and tables in the middle between fields 1 & 2 and fields 3 & 4. They are good guidelines of where people should be sitting.



  • There is a hand sanitizer in each dugout at the Old Mill complex. 

  • Spitting, gum and sunflower seeds are not permitted at any of the fields.

  • There will be no team lines to shake hands at the end of games. Wave and shout from across the field!