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Talleyville Girls Softball League






The defensive team uses all of its players in the field.  Six infielders are used, including a pitcher and an extra player in front of second base.  All infielders should position themselves in front of the baseline to help avoid contact with base runners.  No catcher is used.  Batting team coaches will pitch and catch. The remaining players play in the outfield, they should be spread evenly across the field and should be positioned in the outfield grass.



Games consist of 3 innings.  Extra scrimmage innings may be played if time permits and both coaches agree.  The offensive team’s coach (pitcher) that is in the field serves as the base umpire.



Team shirts and long pants should be worn for all games.  Helmets must be worn by all base runners and batters, no face mask is required.  No jewelry, i.e. bracelets, necklaces, rings, or earrings is permitted.  If necessary pierced earrings that must be worn must have tape over same.



Two defensive coaches may be positioned behind the infielders for instructional guidance.



Every player present will be included in a consecutive batting order.  Girls arriving after the game starts will be inserted at the end of the batting order. Each team bats the entire order each inning.



All players will play all innings in the field on defense.  No player may play the same position more than one inning during a game.



  • Games should only be cancelled by the league.  If a field is unplayable, please contact the commissioner ASAP. 

  • If there has been inclement weather the league officials will work on the fields.  Please do what you can to help make the fields playable. 

  • Coach availability is NOT a reason to cancel or reschedule.  As long as parents are available, games should be played. 

  • A minimum of 6 players are needed to play a game.  (Please contact the commissioner the night before a game if you cannot field a team)

  • At least one of the listed background checked coaches (head or assistant) must be present for a game to be played.

  • A cancelled game must be re-scheduled within 1 week of the cancellation and played within 3 weeks.  Coaches from both teams will communicate to come up with 3 dates that work and then contact the Scheduler to re-schedule.



Bases are 50 feet apart.  The pitching rubber is 35 feet from the rear of home plate.  Home team is responsible for preparing the field and supplying 2 game balls. A 10 foot arc in front of home plate will be used to determine a “playable” hit.



No pitching is allowed by players.  The pitcher must be positioned behind the rubber (next to the coach that is pitching) until the ball is hit.  The pitcher may not run to make an out at home plate; there are no outs at home.




All girls will get a chance to hit the pitched ball from the offensive team’s coach. An approximate maximum of five (5) pitches will be thrown to the batter. After the five pitches have been thrown and the batter does not hit the ball into fair territory the tee must be used to help the girl hit the ball. Coaches should be sure to take a positive approach to using the tee. It should not be viewed as a failed attempt to hit but as a tool to teach proper technique and promote confidence. The tee is placed slightly in front of home plate to encourage the girls to hit the ball out in front of the plate with their arms extended. Batted balls must travel 10 feet in fair territory. The batter may not bunt or take a half swing to put the ball in play. There are no walks or strikeouts. Bat throwing will not be allowed, when it occurs, the coach should talk to the girl immediately. Girls should be taught to stand squarely in the batters box.




Runners may not leave the base until the ball is hit.  No leads or stealing is allowed.




Runners advance only one base at a time, no further advance on overthrows or fielding errors.  Outfielders must be positioned on the outfield grass; they must give the infielder an opportunity to make a play on the batted ball.  Infielders may not be positioned in front of the pitcher or the 35 foot arc from home plate; they should be in front of the baseline to avoid contact with base runners.  If an out occurs at 1st, 2nd or 3rd, the runner should return to the dugout.  Encourage the girls to make double plays, but only one out is recorded – the batter on a fly or the lead runner on a force is the out recorded. If 3 outs are recorded the batting team will continue to bat. Remember this is an instructional league and all girls must be given equal opportunity to learn the mechanics of the game.


There are no protests – always remember, we are here for the children.