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Talleyville Girls Softball League


 2024 Rules for the Mustang Division


Game Timing/Length

Games consist of 6 innings

A game is complete if stopped for darkness or weather after 5 full innings (4 1/2 if the home team is winning)
Weeknight games begin at 6pm


Team shirts and long pants should be worn for all games. No jewelry is permitted, i.e. bracelets, necklaces, rings, or earrings


Helmets with face masks must be worn by all base runners and batters

Field Dimensions

Bases are 60 feet apart.
The pitching rubber is 35 feet from the rear of home plate.


A minimum of 6 players are needed to play a game. (Please contact the commissioner the night before a game if you cannot field a team)


  • The defensive team uses all of its players in the field; no players sit the bench.
  • Six (6) infielders include a pitcher and an extra player in front of second base. All infielders should position themselves in front of the baseline to help avoid contact with base runners. No catcher is used.
  • The remaining players play in the outfield spread evenly across the outfield grass. Outfielders should be encouraged to back-up infielders.
  • No infielder (except the pitcher) may be positioned less than 45 feet from the batter before a pitch is thrown. They should be positioned in front of the baseline to avoid contact with base runners. Encourage girls to make double plays when possible.
  • Players must play 3 innings per game in the infield.
  • No player may play the same position more than two innings during a game
  • Managers may substitute freely at any time during the game.
  • A player may make a play at home if they can cleanly field and run the ball to the plate without colliding with the baserunner.
  • Two coaches from the defensive team are allowed on the field during their defensive half of the inning. Defensive coaches must be in the outfield grass


  • Every player present will be included in a consecutive batting order. Girls arriving after the game starts will be inserted at the end of the batting order.
  • Please have a written batting order available for the opposing team.
  • There are no walks or called strikes.
  • Three swinging strikes and the batter is out. Foul balls will be considered strikes except for the third strike. There must be a swing and miss on the third strike for a batter to strike out.
  • If a foul ball is caught the batter is out, regardless of which strike it is (i.e. first, third)
  • The batter may not bunt or take a half swing to put the ball in play.
  • Bat throwing will not be allowed. If that occurs, the coach should talk to the girl immediately. Batters should be instructed to stand squarely in the batter's box.


  • Coaches will pitch to his/her players.
  • Girls should be encouraged to swing at pitches in the strike zone. The strike zone will be roughly from the top of the shoulders to the knees.
  • No walks will be issued. Batters can strike out by swinging only.
  • No pitching is allowed by players. The pitcher must be positioned behind the rubber (next to the coach that is pitching with at least one foot in the pitcher's circle) until the ball is hit.
  • If any coach is hit by a batted ball, the ball will remain in play. If a coach catches a ball, the batter and all base runners will advance one base.
  • Coaches must pitch from 35 feet to home plate (inside the circle)


  • The runner may not leave a base until the ball is hit. No stealing or leading.
  • No advancement to a base on overthrows.
  • Runners may advance two bases on balls hit to the outfield. The ball must clear the infield without being touched or go through the legs of an infielder.
  • The first and third base coach will make the call if the runner is safe or out. The coach pitching will make the call if the base runner at second base is safe or out.


Scores can be kept (recommended) but will not be utilized for standings as there are no playoffs in the Mustang Division
An inning is ended with 3 outs or 5 runs scored, whichever comes first.

Home/Away Team Responsibilities

Home team is responsible for preparing the field and supplying 2 game balls.
Visiting team is responsible for raking the field after the game.


The offensive team's coach serves as the pitcher as well as a base umpire.

Cancellations/ Weather Delays

  • Games should only be cancelled by the league. If a field is unplayable please contact the commissioner ASAP.
  • If there has been inclement weather the league officials will work on the fields. Please do what you can to help make the fields playable.
  • At least one of the listed background checked coaches (head or assistant) must be present for a game to be played.
  • A cancelled game must be re-scheduled within 1 week of the cancellation and played within 3 weeks. Coaches from both teams will communicate to come up with 3 dates that work and then contact the Scheduler to re-schedule.

Playoffs/All stars

There are no playoffs for the Mustang division, however all players are invited to participate in the All-Star game.