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Talleyville Girls Softball League




The following exceptions to PONY Fast Pitch rules will be used:




  • Each player will play two complete defensive innings.

  • The batting order will run consecutively with all players batting whether or not they are playing in the field. Late arrivals, after ground rules will be placed at the bottom of the batting order.

  • Managers may substitute freely throughout the game.

  • A single pitch thrown counts as an inning for a pitcher. No pitcher may pitch more than 4 innings in a 7 inning game. She may pitch some or all of any extra innings.

  • A player who is scheduled to catch the next inning, ONLY, may have a pinch runner (the runner must be the player making the last recorded out). This is to speed up the transition between innings.

  • A full defensive team consists of 10 players, four of whom must be stationed in the outfield when the ball is pitched.

  • All players must play half of the total amount of games during the season to be eligible to play in the playoffs.



    On any attempt to put out a baserunner, which originates with a throw from a catcher, immediately after the catcher receives a pitch.  If the catcher's throw to a teammate results in an overthrow, all runners may advance and continue to advance as long as the ball remains in the field of play.  This rule also applies to dropped third strikes, i.e., the batter/runner may advance on an overthrow from the catcher.




1.     Players should report 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the game. A 15 ­minute grace period will be allowed before a forfeit is declared. If a team has 7 players the game can start. If the 8th player does no show up after the 2nd inning, then an out will be recorded for that player each time she is due up at the plate.


2.     The home team manager decides cancellations due to inclement weather if an ASA umpire is not yet involved. He must notify the visiting manager and the senior commissioner.

3.     A game is complete if stopped for darkness or weather after 5 full innings (4 1/2 if home team is winning) except for play‑off games which will be played to completion of 7 innings. If a team is up by 10 runs or more after 4 complete innings, then the game is over.

4.     An interrupted incomplete game will start again at the same spot as it was when interrupted, i.e. same balls and strikes on batter. Any player not there the first portion may play in the second if she is placed at the bottom of the batting order.

5.     An inning is over when 5 runs are scored or 3 outs registered. This rule does not apply to the last inning or to any extra inning.

6.     Managers should attempt to obtain an umpire from the crowd if an umpire fails to show. Try to play your games rather than send girls home disappointed. The senior commissioner must be advised of any fields, which will not be used per the league schedule. Our future use of county fields could be hampered if we allow them to sit idle without notifying the county.



  • The Talleyville Board is responsible for canceling games due to inclement weather.

  • At least one of the listed background checked coaches (head or assistant) must be present for a game to be played.

  • A cancelled game must be re-scheduled within 1 week of the cancellation and played within 3 weeks.  Coaches from both teams will communicate to come up with 3 dates that work and then contact the Scheduler to re-schedule. 

  • If games are not re-rescheduled and played it will be logged as a forfeit.



Talleyville-Claymont Rules


  • A younger player can be brought up from the lower division, but may not pitch in the game.

  • If a player is added to the roster after April 18th, then she cannot play in the playoffs.